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The principal objective of the European Academy of Tumor Immunology (EATI) will be to promote tumor immunology at the scientific and clinical levels. EATI will promote all areas of tumor immunology, considered as a continuum between fundamental, translational and clinical research, as well as the practical implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in routine clinical practice. EATI will strive for excellence, independence, leadership, diversity and flexibility. Throughout its work, EATI will provide independent, authoritative and evidence-based advice to underpin policy for stimulating the implementation of concepts, methods and procedures inspired by tumor immunology.

The foundation of EATI is possible thanks to a generous grant, the “LabEx” Immuno-Oncology, provided by the “Grand Emprunt” of the French Republic.

1st Annual Meeting of the European Academy of Tumor Immunology
Integrated cellular pathology:
death, danger, inflammation and immunity
May 31 - June 1, 2012, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France


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